Appalachian Roots

Steeped in the hills and heritage of the region, we recall a time of scarce resources when families lived off the land and worked with their hands to create nourishment from the land. Our Chattanooga restaurant brings the best of that simple era — fresh ingredients lovingly prepared — into the modern age of abundance.


Locally Sourced

We respect the integrity of our food and honor the peace of mind formed from the intimate knowledge of where it began. We strive to create beautiful meals that speak to the soul. Recipes and combinations grounded in a respect for their origins.


Ingredient Inspired Menu

We allow our seasonal ingredients and fresh local produce to inspire the ingenuity of our chefs. Cocktail offerings evolve as we consider which tastes to complement. Our menu changes weekly, which presents interesting challenges but distinguishes TerraMae from most restaurants. We’re comfortable taking the road less traveled.


A Chef's Touch

Our Chef respects tradition but is not restrained from introducing bold new combinations and flavors. Our kitchen infuses time-tested recipes with exciting creativity.


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